License types explained -

For detailed info on all of our license types you have come to the right place!

License type A - $14.95

License type A is for non profit, personal films, You Tube videos, Vimeo videos, student, college and university courses and projects, non commercial projects, registered charities, school projects, powerpoint presentations.

License type B - $29.95

License type B is for corporate, for profit, theatres, local and national radio, business music, on hold, lift music, retail background music, in house films, training DVD's and videos, mechanical reproduction (up to 10,000 copies),

License type C - $59.95

License type C is for broadcast, television (cable, local and national), films (shorts, feature length, major motion picture), trailers, mechanical reproduction (10,000 - 100,000)

If you are not sure what license your project comes under then drop us an email and we would be happy to help. Here are some examples -

1) I'm creating a short film just for fun that is going on You Tube

License A covers you for this use.

2) I'm creating a short informational video for a staff training day at work.

License B covers you for this use.

3) I'm a video editor at a production company, working on a documentary that is going to be aired on TV.

License C covers you for this use, but don't forget to fill the appropriate cue sheet. It doesn't cost you anything extra as its paid by the broadcaster, but helps support the original writers of the music.

If you require a buy out license, then get in touch and let us know a little bit about your project. We also offer a non exclusive resellers license to include the Royalty Free Horror Music library into your catalogue.

Our Scary Music Can be heard on

  • mtv
  • discovery
  • cartoon network
  • vh1
  • history channel
  • travel channel
  • national geographic